Lo de Silvia Tango Festival Tel Aviv 23 - 26 MAY 2018

The first festival took place in Tel-Aviv, in May 24 - 27, 2017 with the participation of dancers from Israel and other countries: Argentina, Ukraine, United States, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Denmark. The festival was born as a celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Milonga "Lo de Silvia" in Tel-Aviv. Our guest artists were: Maestros Graciela González - Leonardo Sardella, Ariadna Naveira - Fernando Sánchez, Analía Vega - Marcelo Varela, Ramiro Gigliotti. Dj's: Fernando Sánchez & Marcelo Varela (Argentina), Maria Mondino (Argentina), Hezy Yeshurun (Israel) & Silvia Rajschmir (Argentina). It was a gala occasion.There were four full days of learning and practice. It was very emotional, inspiring, sensuous and lots of fun at the same time. We had 23 Master-Classes, four milonga evenings with performances by the Maestros and breathtaking music. We are very excited about our second year of our Festival! We are waiting to meet you!
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